Hey thanks for stopping by!!! This is Daisy and I am the one behind sewing all these cute items for your little ones!  I L O V E to sew! I choose all fabrics, cut, and package everything on my own! So please bare with me at times this is a one person shop. I hope you love my creations as much as I do. Any questions please let me know send an email over and we can talk. 

Happy Shopping 


Here's a few fun facts about me: 

1.  I've been a stay at home mom since I had my little one 

2. I speak write and understand Spanish my first language 

3. I have the sweetest tooth ever (the hubby comes home with sweet pastries for me at least once a week) 

4. I can eat fruit all day long!!! 

5. I am a social butterfly love to talk 

6. Packers fan the hubby took us to Wisconsin to watch them play it was an amazing experience (cheeseheads)  

7. I HATE roaches rats snakes and spiders 

8. Since I became a mom I lost so many friends I can count them with one hand literally my right hand lol